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Konflikte beginnen meist mit einem Missverständnis. Werden Unstimmigkeiten nicht angesprochen, entsteht häufig eine Konfliktdynamik, die ausser Kontrolle gerät. Mit dem Konzept der «gewaltfreien Kommunikation» lässt sich eine Konflikteskalation verhindern. Eine HR-Leiterin und ein Konfliktberater geben spannende Einblicke.

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Training Mediation




As you cannot do what you want,
want what you can do.

Leonardo da Vinci


People’s ability to learn is a cornerstone of education. Learning puts people in a position to be able to adapt to the realities of life and the environment. It enables them to react and behave appropriately under various circumstances, and to influence and change these according to their own interests. However, access to good education and therefore the opportunity to learn, remains the privilege of few, as a large proportion of the world's population can neither read nor write.

"Knowledge is power" as the English philosopher Francis Bacon stated in 1598.  It can be observed within industrial countries formed by rapid technological progress that knowledge does not only accumulate but can also dissipate. Knowledge would appear to have a “Half-life”. Fuelled by scientific developments and research, the knowledge of mankind doubles approximately every five years. As a consequence of this boom, know-how is questioned far more readily than before and qualifications become outdated within a short period of time. What is en vogue today may be outdated tomorrow. Knowledge is like a "fluid asset" that is constantly in motion. This perpetual flux necessitates the ongoing development and the continuous augmentation of knowledge. It requires lifelong learning. Modern society must be able to learn independently and throughout its entire life.

Within such an environment, organizations are required to change at an ever increasing rate. Here, the skills and knowledge of individuals play a major role. For successful existence within a market, the development, promotion and safeguarding of the employability of its workforce is essential for companies of all sizes. In this context, training is a vital tool for the growth of organizations and their human resources. The term 'Training' stands for various educational measures designed to initiate a change in the participants' behavior, with an emphasis on improving their performance. Through training and exercises this newly gained knowledge can be applied, resulting in modified behavior and activity.


The offer:

Training packages encompass the following methodological approach:

• Teaching of theory
• Application of skills learned through practical exercises
• Integration of experience
• Giving and receiving feedback
• Ensuring the correct application of skills in day to day business
through coaching


 Your benefits:

• Training contents oriented to your business
• Tailor-made courses, practical and realistic
• Workshops in small groups with a maximum of eight
• Individual and personal supervision
• Communication of expert know-how

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